In February 2014. Quality Masters was incorporated. Igniting the first light into the successful formula of ultimate entrepreneurial risk-taking,

Three years of planning an empire-to-be in every single detail from layout. menu. choice of brand to ambiance & service; were crowned by the opening of FAVILLA in May 2017.

Italian in every sense; the name translates into "Spark" & presents in an Italian-Cuisine-Inspired Menu & Atmosphere, yet attends to the well-studied persistent market need for a universal flavor & layout


Favilla Lounge is a first class Italian restaurant and cafe, located in the posh high end suburbs of Sheikh Zayed, 6th of October city, Egypt,
At a prime location named Plaza 34.
The restaurant aims to target all crowds of Greater Cairo region. The restaurant size is 515m² with a capacity of 200 diners, and is over two floors (aground + first floor) customers can sit both outdoors and indoors.
The restaurant offers an international breakfast menu, an à la carte dinner menu with a wide selection of Italian cuisine, as well as a hooka lounge
The choice of location turned to be 'The Perfect Chill Out Venuein Sheikh Zayed", as described by Cairo West Magazine: the Ultimate Sheikh Zayed/October Guide
Life was pumped into the area.